April 23, 2015


God designed baptism to be celebrated in his church by all those who have come to trust in Jesus. This is the first public way of communicating one’s personal choice to become a follower of Jesus. We want to publicly celebrate the new life of those who have come to faith in Jesus and choose to be obedient in baptism. Baptism is a significant step in your spiritual journey and we look forward to sharing this experience with you!

Check out this one minute video celebration from our most recent baptisms.


If you are considering being baptized as a believer in Jesus, we would love to help you and have created a Baptism booklet to guide you in the process. Below are the steps you will want to take.

  1. Download the Baptism Booklet –
  2. Pray and read through the booklet.
  3. If you are a parent with a child who is interested in baptism, please see the section called “Talking With Your Child About Baptism” before continuing.
  4. Complete/Submit Baptism Sign Up Form and Redemption Story (in the booklet)
  5. Schedule a time to share your redemption story with a pastor (contact Pastor Chris Gray at [email protected])
  6. Schedule a time to be baptized (contact Pastor Chris Gray at [email protected])

Our next baptism opportunity is scheduled for May 17th at our All-Church Tailgate. If you would like to be baptized on that day, please turn in your Baptism Sign Up Form by May 9th.

We look forward to celebrating your baptism with you! If you have any questions as you work though this process, we are here to help.


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