RSM Bowling Party

admin —  July 20, 2017

Hey students! Join us Sunday, July 30th, at 5:30 PM for Bowling at AMF Boulevard Lanes in Edmond.

Redemption Student Ministry Bowling Party
Date: Sunday, July 30th | 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM
Location: AMF Bowling Lanes, 3501 South Blvd, Edmond, OK
Bring: $10 for games and shoes. Bring quarters if you want to play the arcade games. Bring a friend, it’s going to be a great time!

In a culture that boasts individuality and autonomy, it is easy to forget that God is the one who authors and oversees our every waking moment. In Him we live and move and have our being. (Acts 17:28) Our very breath is sustained by the wonder of His creating hand. Our hearts beat today because God has ordained them to do so. We find success in our daily tasks only because God has granted us the grace to do so. He is our Creator and we are His creation. (Genesis 1) Every good and perfect gift comes from Him. (James 1:17) Today is the day that the Lord has made. (Psalm 118:24) He lacks nothing and needs nothing from us. Yet, He gives everything to us. He loves us with a matchless, mercy-filled, long-suffering, and lavish love. He alone promises abundant and everlasting life. (John 10:10, John3:16) And to these truths, let us say, “today, we will rejoice and be glad in Him.(Psalm 118:24)

Eternal God, everlasting Father,

Great and Marvelous are your works.

When we really contemplate you as Creator and sustainer of all things, we are overawed by your greatness.

The flowers of the field are of greater beauty than Solomon in all his glory. The sparrow is the recipient of your provision, the object of your watch and care.

Nations and rulers are in place at your will and by your decree.

Events totally beyond our control are subject to your purpose and determined will.

And in between sparrows and nations, you extend your providential care to your children.

You, O God, asked Abraham: “Is anything too hard for the Lord?”

We need to have such truth reinforced in our thinking –

for the enemy of our souls besieges us with doubts about your involvement in our lives.

We are overwhelmed with contrary circumstances, and we are sometimes almost drowning in despair.

We confess that we have almost made security and money our idols, thinking that investments and governments would see us through.

Now we need to realize there is absolutely no security except in you.

You, Father God, are our secure provision.

We need to pray like Mary,

The Lord took notice of his servant and has done great things for me.

May that be our testimony this day.

Individually, we now confess our sins, and plead for forgiveness,

and trust you for daily bread.

Thank you, Father for a cleansed heart and a renewed spirit.

Thank you for meeting every need.


-A Collection of Prayers from Wendell C. Hawley

Chris Clark, Worship and Arts Pastor

RSM Summer Schedule

admin —  June 7, 2017

RSM, summer is here! We would love for you to join us in our summer small groups. We will meet in homes based on last year’s small groups to study God’s word and deepen relationships. We have a total of three groups meeting; middle school girls, middle school boys, and high school boys. They are open to grades 7-12. If you are new, or unsure of which group to get plugged into, please email [email protected]. If you know what group you’re in, contact the designated leader listed at the bottom of the post for location and time.

12-17 Summer Camp
25 Small Group Study

09 Small Group Study
15 Party at the Lake
23 Small Group Study

06 Small Group Study
20 RSM Kickoff

HS Boys: Kiefer Rose, 405.209.8733, [email protected]
MS Boys: Court Haygarth, 214.499.4416, [email protected]
MS Girls: Hannah Walcher, 405.543.5332, [email protected]




Students, it’s summer time! Join us Sunday, June 4th from 2:00 PM-5:00 PM at the pool. Come kick off your summer the right way and celebrate an amazing year at RSM. There will be friends, snacks and a lot of fun.

Parents, if your student is going to summer camp with us, we invite you to a brief Parent Summer Camp Meeting from 2:00 PM-2:30 PM. It will be held at the same location as the party. The purpose of this meeting is to inform you of important summer camp information like communication, schedule, packing lists, etc. We hope you can join us!

Where: Jeff and Stacey Tate’s House at 519 Clegern Dr. Edmond, OK, 73034
What to Bring: A swimsuit, a towel, and a friend!

Give Redemption | Summer 2017

admin —  May 24, 2017

Hey Redemption Church, just a few things as we head into summer:

First, we want to give you an update on where we are financially as we are nearing the end of our fiscal budget year. This past week, pastor Jeff gave us a quick summary and prayer time over our current state. Listen below:

Financial Update: Taking the Training Wheels Off
Our church is making the transition to becoming self-sufficient as a church plant and to pay our own bills. From July to April of 2017, our average monthly giving was $43,000; however, April was significantly behind that mark. Here are the numbers:
April Giving: $33,826
May Giving: $29,071(to date)
General Fund Cash as of April: $13,015

Our fiscal year runs July through June. As we near the end of our 2016-2017 fiscal year, we are needing $78,819 by June 30th to cover expenses.

Second, we hope you have a wonderful time traveling and enjoying extra time with family over the Summer months. Grace and peace over you as you rest! Third, we want to remind you that even though you may be away or taking a break from your regular rhythms, our expenses as a church do not. Please remember to stay faithful with your giving through the Summer.

One easy way to do that is to set up automated payments through your bank or use our online giving tool.

To set up automated giving through our website, click here.

Automated Giving Tutorial from Redemption Church on Vimeo.

Lastly, here are a couple ways to engage your heart as you consider giving. Jesus saved us through the generous gift of his life, and his life serves as a model for us. Last summer, Pastor Jeff gave us 3 keys to follow through as we seek to be generous with our lives.

  1. Give to God first.
  2. Commit to a plan.
  3. Let Christ be your model.

For more on how to live generously, click here and listen to our sermon series The Grace of Generosity  (use the ‘Browse Series’ tab)

We want to reach new people and make disciples for generations. This will not be possible without each of us contributing to the cause of Christ in our church. As we prepare this summer for the coming fall school year, will you help us make redemption happen with your generous giving?

Thank you for your generous support!

Jesus was once asked, “What commandment is the most important of all?” Jesus’ answer to this life-shaping question has been known as the Greatest Commandment. This summer, we will engage in a 5-week sermon series called “The Greatest.” In this series, we will consider the various facets of Jesus’ call to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Come join us as we reflect on the stuff that Jesus said was more important than anything else.

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”

Join us Sunday at 10:30 AM at John Ross Elementary

Redemption church is moving to Cheyenne Middle School this summer, and we couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity! Cheyenne is located on the vibrant corner of Kelly and Covell, next to Mitch Park. This area has experienced a lot of new growth over the past few years and continues to develop as a popular hub for shopping, dining, exercise, and local business. Many neighborhoods are in walking distance of the school. It is an easy-to-find location for people from all around the Edmond and OKC area.

The Church is not brick and mortar, rather it is flesh and blood–a people brought together by Jesus to be a blessing to the city. Since the birth of our young church, we have been about one thing: Making authentic followers of Jesus who live for the Glory of God and the good of our world.

As a church, we hold high the value of regularly gathering together, so we will always need a gathering space: a place to invite others to belong in community with us, where we can all experience the abundant life in Jesus. Connecting with a school is a fantastic way to make a difference in the city of Edmond. Our aim is to be a blessing to the school, surrounding businesses, nearby neighborhoods, and our entire city in two ways: First, by creating a welcoming gathering space on Sundays where people can hear about the good news of Jesus right in the heart of Edmond; Second, we want to serve and love those around us as we scatter to fill our schools, local restaurants, jogging trails, home improvement stores, and neighborhoods with the bold love of Jesus.

This opportunity to move into a larger and more visible space will help us serve more people for Jesus. The growth we have experienced over the past three years has allowed us to fill to capacity our current location, John Ross Elementary. We love John Ross, and we will miss the space, but we will especially miss the relationships we have built there; however, just as elementary students grow up and move on to middle school, our church has grown and is ready for a new season of learning and growing as followers of Christ. Will you partner with us as we make this exciting move?

Four Ways You Can Help:
1. Clear Your Calendar and Attend our MOVE PARTY at Cheyenne Middle School on Saturday, July 8th, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Come join the fun and help us set up our new space for the very first time!
2. Spread the Word: Invite your friends to come and see our new space. Tell your neighbors about a great new church that loves people and loves Jesus. Visit the restaurants and businesses near Cheyenne Middle School over the next few weeks to introduce yourself. Share our social media posts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to let people know we’re moving!
3. Serve and Give so that Others May Live: Continue doing what you are able to serve and give so that we can be a blessing to our city in the name of Jesus. Click here to learn more about our serve teams, and click here for our giving page.
4. Pray: Pray that God would use this move to energize us as a church and draw many to know Jesus. Pray that God would allow us to serve others and help them grow.

Still have questions about our Move to Cheyenne?
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Sheet for more information.

Mark these dates down on your calendar:

MOVE PARTY | JULY 8th, 2017, 8:00 AM – NOON

FIRST SERVICE | JULY 9th, 2017, 10:30 AM – NOON

Redemption Groups are where we gather as a community that is intentional about growing as authentic disciples of Jesus who live for the glory of God and for the good of our world. We believe that real and lasting life change takes place within authentic communities where people are known by others and are purposeful about following Jesus together. It is our conviction that this happens best in the context of life-on-life discipleship that goes beyond Bible study. Through Redemption Groups, we desire to believe the gospel, belong in authentic community, grow as a disciple, and go make a difference.

As we seek to accomplish our mission, it is essential that we equip faithful men to shepherd people in a Redemption Group as they follow Jesus and learn how to live for the glory of God and the good of our world. Group leadership is not for the spiritual elite or those who don’t struggle. It is for those who show themselves to be humble, faithful, available, and teachable men that God would use to lead and plant multiplying gospel communities all over our city and beyond.

If you would like to learn more about being a group leader, we would encourage you to initiate the process by clicking the link below. All of our leaders go through an assessment process and training:

Head: Theological training
Hands: Shepherding and group facilitation training
Heart: Gospel-centered character development

It is our prayer that through the development and alignment of leaders, God would raise up and send out authentic disciples of Jesus who live for the glory of God and the good of our world.

If you are interested in leading a group or learning more about group leadership, please complete this registration form

Redemption Student Ministry is putting on a student-led carnival themed fundraiser on May 21st. Get your face painted, buy a hot dog (or two!) and come help us raise money for summer camp. We know our most popular carnival event will be the Pastor Dunk Tank, but we’re not just putting on the carnival because we want to see the pastors get dunked over and over again. We would love to offer scholarships to summer camp so all of our students will get to experience the life changing power of the gospel for a week this June!

Where: John Ross Elementary School

When: May 21st from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Activities: Food, dunk tank, ring toss, corn-hole tournament, face painting and more!

Click here to purchase your food and carnival tickets ahead of time, and we will have them waiting for you to pick up at 12:00 PM. If you are purchasing your tickets the day of, bring cash or check.*






*Tickets are purchased in exchange for goods and services, and are not tax deductible. If you would like to donate a tax-deductible gift to RSM Summer Camp Scholarships, please give online here and designate the fund “RSM” for your donation.

We believe that children are a gift from God. Child/baby dedications are an opportunity to celebrate these gifts, to announce our desire to raise our children to honor the Lord and trust the grace of Jesus, and to seek the help and the encouragement of our church family.

If you would like to join us in dedicating your child, please complete our online form by Sunday, May 7th.

(Sign up here!)