April 8, 2014


We are thankful that many are partnering to move the mission of Jesus forward through our Move the Mission campaign!

To assist you in considering how God might be calling you to partner with us, we’ve provided a Frequently Asked Questions document that answers some common questions about the Move the Mission campaign. See below or download the Frequently Asked Questions document by clicking the link below.


How do we benefit from moving to Sunday mornings?
Sunday mornings are the best time to reach the greatest number of people. Most people, especially in our area, expect church to happen on Sunday mornings, so it will remove a potential barrier for some who might try our church. This move will also open up Sunday evenings for Redemption Groups, Marriage Events, Prayer and Worship Nights, and other activities.

How do we benefit from the space at John Ross Elementary?

  • Easier to find location
  • Closer to our target area around Covell and I-35
  • Changing locations often reaches a new group of people
  • Redemption Kids Ministry will have room to grow
  • Redemption Kids Elementary age group will have space for large group and small group time
  • Inviting space with nice entry and foyer that provides easy access to all areas
  • New hospitality areas, tables, and coffee/refreshment bar will be added
  • Opportunities to partner with the school and be a blessing to our community (landscaping projects, Christmas gifts for families in need, etc)
  • Gives us a place to call “home” for at least two years

What will the worship space be like?
Our worship gatherings will take place inside of a school gym that has been customized for our worship services. You will see tall pipe and drape backgrounds that will enclose a seating area for our guests, that has the ability to be expanded to more than 300 seats. Our worship band will use the school’s stage as well as some of our own staging that will allow space for a full worship band and space for teaching and preaching. Sound and video elements will be very similar to our current set up. You will also see communion stations, comfortable seating, and additional gathering areas after the service for prayer and connecting guests to our church family.

What will the RedemptionKIDS spaces be like?

  • Nursery, Toddlers and Preschool classes will meet in classrooms that are close by the worship space. The rooms will be customized with flooring and partitions that safeguard school property while creating a fun and lively environment for children to be loved and instructed in the good news of Jesus.
  • 1st through 5th grade will meet in the cafeteria that will have a large group gathering space for worship, activities, and Bible teaching. The space will be outfitted with audio and video components, pipe and drape backdrops, rugs, and other space enhancing features that willmake this an amazing environment for our kids to learn about the gospel, worship Jesus, and have a great time interacting with each other and their small group leaders.
  • All of our kids areas will have controlled access to ensure the safety of children and RedemptionKIDS volunteers in the classrooms.
  • There will be computer check-in stations in the lobby for first time guests. Fast-track check-in for registered children will be available at the early childhood area, and at the cafeteria for 1st through 5th grade children. The process for parent drop-off and pick up will remain the same.

What will the lobby and hospitality area be like?
When you approach the front doors, you will be warmly welcomed by several of our greeter team volunteers. You’ll see clear directional signage that helps you know where to check in your kids, where to find coffee and refreshments, where the bathrooms are located, where to get information about our ministries, and where the worship space is located. There will also be some gathering areas for conversation before and after the service to connect with friends, and help new families get connected to our church family.

When will we start having services at John Ross Elementary?
Portable Church requires 6 weeks to obtain and package our equipment and storage solutions. We would love to be in this space before school gets out, but cannot enter into an agreement with Portable Church until (1) at least one-third of the funding is in hand and (2) the remaining funds are pledged to be received in time to make the required payments. Our big-prayer-scenario would have us starting services May 18th, which would allow us to start having services before school gets out. In order to have services by this date, we would need to have the funding described above by April 6th. The sooner the funding comes in, the sooner we can sign the contract and make preparations for an official Sunday Morning Launch date.

How do we benefit from this capital investment with Portable Church?

  • Attractive and inviting to the community we are trying to reach
  • Safe and engaging Children’s environments with new large group area for elementary age-group
  • Easier for our volunteers to setup and tear down the gear each Sunday
  • More efficient and organized storage capability
  • Portable Church will help us make these improvements in a short amount of time (6 weeks from signed contract)
  • Portable Church will train our people in use of this equipment
  • Capital investment of gear can also be used in future facilities
  • Will help make the space feel like Redemption Church

Why Portable Church?
Portable Church is a well-respected company that specializes in helping churches maximize their use of space in a portable church model. They have an impressive list of clients, including many who have used their services multiple times. In addition, we know churches that have used them with great success in recent years. You can view their client list on their website at Portable Church has outfitted over 2,000 clients. Our consultant, Bob Smith, has worked with over 300 churches. It seems wise to learn from the experiences and mistakes of others rather than our own.

Why now?
We want to reach our community with the gospel, and we are convinced that a move (1) to Sunday mornings and (2) to a more permanent location is essential to maximizing our opportunity. We want to live with a sense of urgency to accomplish our mission, so we will move ahead with this step as soon as financially possible.

Why not purchase land and build a building instead?
We feel it is best to remain a portable church at this time. We have a sense of urgency to reach our community, and we think the portable solution offers us the best opportunity to do that now. Even if someone handed us a blank check to purchase land and build a building, it would be a long time before we could accomplish that task. We can be fully functioning at John Ross six weeks from when we have money in hand.

How long will we operate in a mobile-church mode?
Growth and giving will determine some of this. Rule of thumb is “buy the land as fast as you can, and wait to build a building as long as you can.” We imagine we will be mobile for at least 3 to 5 years.

What’s going to change?
We will still be the same church, meeting in a new location. A new place needs a new plan, so we will be evaluating our current plan in light of the new space, but we don’t anticipate any major shifts. Our ministries should continue to grow and expand as we reach new people, invite more people to serve on teams, and develop new leaders. We believe the new location will create more excitement for our church, and we hope that you will invite more friends to experience what God is doing at Redemption.

What are the new opportunities to serve?
With this move, Sunday’s will need everyone to pitch in on serve teams on a rotational basis.This presents new opportunities for people to serve in worship, hospitality, kids, parking, and setup/tear down teams. The good news is that the Portable Church gear is designed to allow almost anyone to help with any job. Clear instructions and better equipment will make it easier than ever to serve.

Who has had input in the process?
We have sought input from ministry team leaders in their specific areas. Our proposal has been reviewed by key leaders in each ministry area in the planning and review process.

What are we getting with this investment?
We are happy to talk with you about specific or show you an itemized list if you would like more info. In general, we will purchase the following:

  • Technology that creates a good worship environment with adequate sound, video, lighting, and staging
  • Signage, pipe and drape, and other equipment needed for clear and helpful directions
  • Customized storage cases for each children’s room that includes child-changing stations, colorful and fun partitions and flooring for younger children’s rooms, toys, whiteboards, and audio and video equipment for worship and teaching in the older kids space.
  • Comfortable and stackable seating for 225 people
  • Tables, table coverings, coffee brewers, inside directional signage, and other casing and equipment for the lobby and hospitality area
  • Two 24 foot trailers to haul the gear
  • For more info, see above: How do we benefit from this capital investment with Portable Church?

Does Portable Church offer any financing options?
No. One-third of the cost is due upon signing the contract. The next third is due half way through production (3 weeks after contract). The final third is due at delivery (6 weeks from contract).


Click here for more information about our Move the Mission campaign.


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