December 5, 2014

It’s an exciting time to be a part of Redemption Church, and your generosity makes an enormous difference. Our ability to advance our mission is almost always connected to the resources we have available. We need your help as we continue to grow. As you consider end of year contributions, I wanted to let you know about some of our specific needs in the form of a Wish List for Redemption Church.

movement-arrows-blueIn order to launch a new church this year, we made a capital investment in portable church gear that enables us to turn a school into a church each Sunday. That was a significant step of faith for us and a major milestone in launching our infant church. We are grateful to all those that have helped us come this far, and we are filled with excitement for the days ahead.

It’s been only four months since our Sunday morning launch, and our church is growing. We need to add new kids classrooms as soon as possible. We are launching a student ministry in 2015. We are adding new people to our serve teams each month, and we recently added another Redemption Group. We will also help to support our first new church plants in the year ahead. As our church grows, so do our needs. We have outlined some of the exciting things we hope to do in 2015 in this post.

In order to accomplish our ministry goals for 2015, we need to begin Phase 2 of our portable church investment. Would you consider making a special one-time donation or additional monthly commitment to help us meet these needs as we reach more people?

We have the opportunity to be a part of something amazing. With God’s help, a new church is forming that will reach and teach people for decades to come. Your gifts are an eternal investment in the ongoing work of Jesus through his Church. Imagine knowing that every Sunday that you purchased the stage that enables people to learn about life under the grace of Jesus. Maybe you love to sing in worship, so you decide to give $100 a month to help people learn experience the same joy? Or, you could gather 8 people from your small group or community to each give $25 a month and together provide a New Toddlers Room where little kids experience God’s love for the first time. Maybe God has blessed you tremendously to help further his mission, and you decide to right a check for the entire amount. I can’t tell you how humbling and exhilarating it is to know that God rallies his people from all around the country to help us launch a new church.

Would you prayerfully consider giving generously to help us make Redemption happen? Thank you!

You can give online or read about our giving options by clicking GIVE. If you wish to donate to this effort, please note MOVE THE MISSION in the memo line of your check or designate online. If you would like to make a monthly commitment, please email the amount to our Executive Pastor, Chris Gray, at [email protected] Feel free to call us for more information at 405-285-8146.

We’ve included some pictures of our church with descriptions of our needs. At the end, there is an investment summary of costs for this project. Thank you!


Total Cost = $39,875

  • $2,200 – New Toddlers Room
  • $3,300 – New Pre-School Room
  • $825 – Expanded Elementary Room
  • $1,100 – Kids Check-In Station
  • $15,180 – Worship Sound and Stage
  • $3,520 – New Cases for Transport and Storage
  • $13,750 – New Trailer for Transport and Storage

Thanks again for your consideration. You can give online or read about our giving options by clicking GIVE.



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