SERVE LINK | 08.07.16

July 9, 2016


You may have heard us talk a lot about ‘Serve Teams’ at Redemption. That’s because we believe that being a part of a serve team is one of the best ways to believe, belong, grow and go as a follower of Jesus. Joining a serve team is great step to take in your spiritual journey. Our teams are a place where you can help others experience Jesus while they attend one of our Sunday gatherings by simply using your God-wired gifts and talents in a practical way for couple of hours a week. You have already carved out time to come to church – now it’s time to contribute!

Aren’t sure what you can do? Do you smile a ton and love to chat with folks wherever you go? Then use that natural gift to help our Host team greet and welcome all who attend our weekly gatherings. Or, maybe you are extremely handy with moving stuff and love getting things done? Mobile Team would be a fantastic way for you to use your hands serving for a couple hours. Other teams include: KIDS, STUDENTS, MISSION, MUSIC, STORY, ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT, TECHNOLOGY, COMMUNICATIONS, and more.

So, what is Serve Link?

Serve Link is a designated time for you to explore your gifts and talents, then commit to put them to use in a practical way for the benefit of others and the Kingdom of God. We will be carving out a portion of our regularly scheduled worship service on August 7th to create a fun-filled environment where you can explore how to link arms with a Serve Team that’s a good fit for you!

What do I need to do?

Just show up! It’s just like any other Sunday Service with our regular Redemption KIDS classes from 10:30-Noon. We will worship together, pray together, spend some time in God’s word, and then have a time for you to explore our Serve Teams!

Who is this for?

This is for EVERYONE. For those already serving and for those who have yet to connect with a Serve Team.

“No one can serve everyone, but everyone can serve someone.”





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