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August 25, 2016


We are blown away by the response and level of engagement we have seen as a result of our first ever Serve Link event.

Two weeks ago we gathering as a church for worship and then spent some time exploring all of our different serve teams through visiting stations set up through the gym. We asked everyone to drop a “commitment to serve faithfully” card off with at least one team they would like to serve with in 2016-2017. It was fun to see people spread out all over the gym shaking hands, meeting new people, and asking questions about our serve teams. We are praising God for the way people at Redemption Church not only believe in our mission to make authentic disciples of Jesus for the Glory of God and the good of our world, but they are actually a part of the mission.28831065545_e11b15f03f_o

We had around 25 people sign to serve on a team for the first time and currently have 150+ serving on one or more of our teams. This is amazing!

If you missed this event we would love to help you get connected to a serve team. We believe that being a part of a serve team is one of the best ways to believe, belong, grow and go as a follower of Jesus. Joining a serve team is great step to take in your spiritual journey. Our teams are a place where you can help others experience Jesus while they attend one of our Sunday gatherings by simply using your God-wired gifts and talents in a practical way for couple of hours a week. You have already carved out time to come to church – now it’s time to contribute!


  1. Click Here to Listen to the Serve Link Sunday Sermon “Serve Like Jesus”
  2. We are also hosting Serve Training and Connect Events for all of our teams during the month of September. Click Here to sign up!
  3. Visit us at our Next Steps area on Sunday or Email [email protected] to find out how you can serve.

“No one can serve everyone, but everyone can serve someone.”


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