Sound & Video Tech 101 | 08.02

June 25, 2015



Are you passionate about music? Are you tech minded? Do you have a servant heart? We are looking to train up new Sound & Video Techs to be a part of the Redemption Worship Team. Sound & Video Techs serve once or twice a month and have a wonderful opportunity to help create an environment where people can experience the presence of God in and through our Worship Gatherings and other special events. If you are curious and would like to know more about this role before committing, awesome! Sign up for our next training session:  Sunday, August 2nd, at John Ross Elementary. Come hang out with us, get to know some like-minded people, and hopefully learn a thing or two. Signing up for this training does not mean you have to serve on the team. Sound Tech 101 is an on-ramp. It is a way for you to “test drive” with the team before jumping in. The training will be broken up into 4 sessions beginning at 8am sharp.

Session 1: Introduction to System & Band Load In | 8-9am

This will be a high pass overview of how our current sound and projection system works. Think of this like a guided tour. This is also a chance to interface with musicians about their instruments, songs, and needs as they prepare to lead worship. This includes things like selecting the right microphones for them, helping get stands in place, running mic cables to appropriate channels, hooking up the projector, checking batteries, etc. This usually takes about 30 minutes.

Session 2: Facilitating Soundcheck | 9-10am

Once everything is plugged in and ready to go and the musicians are in place with everything they need, it’s time to check instrument levels, monitor levels, main speaker levels, etc. This is a 30-45 minute window where the band practices the set and the Sound Tech creates a mix that serves the music and the room. This window also includes making sure that the preaching pastor is mic’d and any other microphone needs (announcements, prayer times, etc. ) are addressed and checked before service starts. The Video Tech uses this time to make sure all the lyric and sermon slides are correct and practices transitions as the band plays through the set. You will shadow one of our current Sound & Video Techs as they help the band get plugged in and ready to rehearse. Be ready to set up mic stands, plug in microphones, and even get a chance to push some buttons and slide some faders on the mixer.

Chris and EmSession 3: Service | 10:30-Noon

Now, just sit back and check your twitter feed and maybe post a sweet picture of the mixing board or the band to Instagram with the appropriate #tags, right? Well… no. You know where this is going. Once the service starts, it’s all ears, eyes, and hands on deck! A good Sound Tech will have hands on the faders, ears tuned to the room, and eyes on the people throughout the service. They are continually making minor adjustments to the mix as needed. Is the electric guitar too loud? What about the snare drum? Are the vocals clear and articulate? Is the preacher’s speaking style dynamic (soft then loud)? You will have to make adjustments every time. Yes, most of the work has been done before service, but during service is where a good Sound Tech masters the craft of mixing and creating a worshipful environment. A good Video Tech will be following along and anticipating slide changes so that the church feels led by each slide. You will get a chance to see how all this works!

SoundTECH101_1045Session 4: Tear down-Set Up | 12:15-1pm

After the service ends and that amazing “post-service playlist” is rolling, it’s time to tear down the system. You might be saying to yourself, “woah…that sounds intense.” Don’t fret, we have a wonderful system in place that allows us to set up and tear down our entire system in 30 minutes or less. This session will also include helping the musicians pack up their instruments and cables, wrapping mic cables and extension cords, and then finally powering down and packing up the sound system. We have seen this done in as few as 15 minutes! If time allows, we will do a full set up and tear down together.


If this all sounds overwhelming, that’s okay… the truth is sometimes it is and that’s why we have a team! You won’t be alone on this journey. This is a great opportunity to continue to grow as a disciple of Christ while shining in your gifting for the glory of God and the good of our city!

We are looking forward to seeing you.

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